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Bushido Seven Presents: Truth Calling...

Videographer and Podcaster (Old School New Vibes) Theme collabs brands with Bushido Seven and now with Hip Hop artist Truth. The Queens emcee delivers you a soulful boombap conceptual Hip Hop cut. The bonus track " Calling ... " is off Truth's newly released " Nostalgia ThEraPy " project, which is fully produced by the legendary duo Da Beatminerz. The track features scratches by Brooklyn's own DJ Evil Dee (Black Moon / Da Beatminerz) and features Mr. Walt (1/2 of Da Beatminerz) introducing the joint.  The track was filmed in BK , with scenery reminiscent of the golden age of Hip Hop , where New York's streets were decorated by the grafitti vandals of its day. The Nostalgic view of the video gives Hip Hop that soulful  feeling that's been missing.


Video by Jonathan "Theme" Saltos for Bushido Seven

Music by Truth of Animal Military Records

Produced by Da Beatminerz

Cuts by DJ Evil Dee

Featuring Mr. Walt

Instagram : @truthemcee_

YouTube : @animalmilitaryrecords

Welcome to Bushido Seven. Elevate your style with our exclusive apparel.Step into a fantastic world where mystical beasts and skilled warriors unite to preserve the delicate balance between power and peace. Inspired by the seven virtues of the Samurai warrior: COURAGE, HONOR, INTEGRITY, HONESTY, LOYALTY, COMPASSION, and RESPECT, these mystical heroes must work together to Protect the Code and fight for Peace and justice for the land.

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